Villa V


The Netherlands 2021

Villa v

Utrecht - 2014

Villa V is designed for a large estate near Utrecht, in a beautiful clearing in the forest. The house is distributed over three levels: a basement with a spa and service rooms, a ground floor with living, dining, and working spaces, and an upper floor with bedrooms and guest rooms.

The upper level is an organic ‘cloud’ of volumes of different sizes and proportions, distributed around a secluded patio. The villa’s monolithic upper level hovers above the transparent ground floor, exploiting the solid walls around the patio, which are part of a sophisticated structural system.

Villa V can be compared to a tree, with its structural core as the trunk, and its upper level as the crown which branches out. Under this crown, the ground floor is a free and open space, which takes in the majestic view of the surrounding woodland.

Villa V is designed by Charles Bessard, Nanne de Ru, and Johanne Borthne (Powerhouse Company NL)



first floor

ground floor



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